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About Us

What sets our practice apart?
We see our patients as more than patients

We see our patients as more than patients; they are our family. And that is why we are here: to keep our family healthy. As a solo practitioner, Dr. Hakimi is there for his patients, providing them with the excellent care that they deserve. From the moment you enter our office, we do our best to answer your questions and communicate promptly. Each appointment starts with a smile from our front desk team, whose main goal is to make your appointments as seamless as possible. 

Our support staff

Our support staff is with you every step of the way to ensure you leave every appointment feeling confident that you are getting the best healthcare possible. We will provide you with the resources and information you need so that you are well-informed to make the best healthcare choices for yourself. We know life is busy and therefore have worked hard to make sure you are able to get the most out of your appointments. We draw our own labs on site and send them off to the lab of your choice. Additionally, we offer advanced ultrasonography on site, making our office a “one stop shop” for women’s healthcare needs.

Our electronic medical record system Dr. Hakimi himself

Our electronic medical record system was created by Dr. Hakimi himself, in conjunction with a professional medical software vendor, Comtron USA. It is specifically suited to the needs of Obstetrics and Gynecology and tracks your healthcare seamlessly. It is also set up to provide timely and consistent appointment reminders via text and email and allows patients to communicate via a patient portal. With evening and weekend hours, we make it easy for you to schedule your appointments at times that fit your schedule. Additionally, we offer convenient payment options and if needed, payment plans. We would love the opportunity to welcome you to our growing family and look forward to meeting you!
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